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NFL Betting Explained

NFL Betting Explained

NFL is by far the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, and given the relative newness of sports betting, many people are unsure of how to bet on the NFL and the various ways they can do so.

Each NFL game will provide hundreds of various wagering options, including betting on the game’s winner, the point spread, and a variety of Player Prop Bets, such as touchdown scorers. The betting options for an NFL game are virtually unlimited. The three most common ways to wager on an NFL game are the Moneyline, Point Spread, and Points Totals.

The money line is a wager on the outright winner, the Point Spread is a wager on a team covering the spread, with the favorite conceding points and the underdog gaining points, and the Point Total is a wager on whether the game will go over or under a predetermined number of points.

Visit our NFL Prop Bets and NFL Parlays pages to learn more about the NFL’s more exotic wagering options.

NFL Betting For This Week

Even with an extended 18-week season, the NFL season is over in a flash and is far shorter than other major sports such as the NBA, MLB, and NHL. Because there are fewer games, each one is of utmost importance. Even though there are no more than 16 games per week in the NFL, it is still difficult to conduct the necessary amount of study prior to this week’s NFL betting.

Each week of the season, up until the actual Super Bowl, Pickswise’s expert handicappers do the legwork so you don’t have to. We analyze this week’s NFL betting to determine the best lines, odds, and ultimately wagers for this week’s games.

All of our nfl betting previews are posted a few days in advance of each game to give you ample time to evaluate our research, important statistics, and key takeaways as well as form your own opinion prior to locking in those odds. Check back each week for this week’s best NFL betting advice.

NFL Betting Lines

Throughout the week and in the days leading up to a game, the NFL betting lines are a popular topic of conversation, even in the mainstream media. The majority of NFL Betting Lines will be given on Monday, after the end of the teams’ games, but injuries or possible injuries may prompt bookmakers to delay the publishing of these lines.

Sharp bettors will examine the lines as soon as possible and attempt to profit from the points or odds. It’s not uncommon for a line to move a few points from the opening NFL Betting Line, so if you bet early and on the correct side of the shift, you might be on the Chiefs at -6 when gamblers on Sunday would have to take them at -8, which may be the difference between winning and losing by a wide margin.

Each week of the season, we react to the opening NFL betting lines as well as the most recent NFL odds, so be sure to check out which lines our experts like each week.

Public NFL Betting

The phrase NFL Public Betting is used to denote where the majority of money is placed on a specific game. The public is on the favorite if 70 percent of the money is wagered on the favorite against the spread. This has the potential to alter the odds and line on the spread.

By increasing the line from -6 to -7, for example, sportsbooks may entice bettors to wager on the underdog scoring a touchdown. Pickswise is the hub for all things NFL Betting.

Throughout the week, we will provide updates on the NFL Public Betting lines and highlight the greatest NFL betting possibilities based on where the public money is going and how to best profit from it, including when to fade the public.

NFL Sports Betting Markets

There are numerous NFL Sports Betting Markets, and Pickswise has you covered for all of them. All of our NFL betting advice is absolutely free and accompanied by a well-researched analysis and a list of pertinent statistics and trends.

We have something for every sort of NFL bettor, from our standard NFL Picks & NFL Predictions, which consider the Moneyline, Spreads, and Totals, to our NFL Prop Bets, which include player and team props such as Anytime Touchdown Scorers, to those who want to shoot for the moon with an NFL Parlay.

Additionally, we have the Pickswise Supercomputer, which runs over 10,000 simulations prior to each game in order to anticipate the outcome and provide the top NFL Computer Picks for each game. No matter how you want to wager on the NFL, we have professionals available to provide you with the greatest free NFL betting tips and picks.

Betting Online On The NFL

Online NFL wagering is the most popular sort of sports wagering, and this trend will continue to expand as more states legalize online sports betting.

Due to the NFL’s popularity, sportsbooks will provide competitive odds and a wide variety of markets, as well as numerous odds boosts and offers such as Parlay Insurance. In our weekly study, we will also highlight the greatest odds offered by sportsbooks, as well as the finest price hikes and offers.

NFL Live Betting

NFL Live Betting is considered to be the next big thing in the US sports betting business as its popularity continues to rise. Live betting is the ability to wager on a game after it has already begun.

You can still wager on the main money line, point totals, and against the spread, as well as a limited amount of player and team prop bets, despite the limited market choices.

In NFL Live Betting, the odds and lines are dynamic, meaning they change quickly to match the unfolding event. If a favorite gives up a score early in the game, their odds will worsen and you can bet on them to win at greater odds than before the game.

Types Of NFL Betting

There are various ways to wager on a National Football League game, from the match winner to specific player statistics; NFL betting offers more alternatives than any other sport. Below are some of the most prevalent methods of NFL wagering.

NFL Money Line Wagers

The NFL money line is the simplest way to wager on a game. Betting on a team’s money line is equivalent to choosing that team to win the game. In the NFL, ties are uncommon, but they do occur. With a 2-way money line, you can only bet on club X or team Y to win, resulting in a push. In a 3-way money line, if the tie is offered, your money line wager would be on the losing team if the game ends in a tie.

NFL Against The Point Spread

NFL Against The Spread wagering is by far the most popular form of NFL wagering each week. Betting against the spread entails wagering that the favorite will win by more than a specified number of points, or wagering that the underdog will keep the game closer than a specified number of points, either by winning outright or losing by less than the total.

For instance, if the 49ers are -5 against the Seattle Seahawks and win by a score of 24-17, they would win the game outright and cover the spread by winning by 7 points. If the Seahawks kept the game close, say 24-20, they would lose but cover the spread since they would lose by less than five points.

NFL Over Under Betting

NFL Over Under wagering is a terrific strategy to wager on a game when neither team appeals to you or when you anticipate a close, tense contest or a shootout. Here, you wager on the combined point total of both teams. Sportsbooks will set the line at something like 48.5, and if 49 or more points are scored, the over hits, and if 48 or fewer are scored the under hits.

NFL Player Futures Betting

NFL player proposition bets, often known as NFL Prop Bets, are wagers on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a proposition. The most common NFL player prop wager is on a player to score a touchdown, but there are other performance-based props, such as over/under a given number of passing, rushing, or receiving yards. NFL player props lean toward the realm of player performance matchups and NFL fantasy football, which contributes to their popularity.

NFL Team Futures Gambling

Similar to NFL player proposition betting, NFL team proposition betting is a wager on whether or not a team will perform a specific action during a game. NFL team props are an excellent option to wager on a game if you favor one team over the other. For instance, if you believe the Buccaneers will have a high-scoring game but are unsure if their opponent will score enough points for the over to be reached, you might wager on the number of points the Buccaneers will score.

You can also wager on the first team to score, the winner of each quarter, and the first turnover. With NFL team props, the options are infinite, and throughout the season, our experts will post their finest wagers on the NFL Prop Bets page.

NFL Parlay Wagers

NFL Parlays are a popular option for NFL bettors due to the action-packed nature of Sundays during the NFL season. Individual bets are typically more profitable in the long run and should always be your primary plays, but who doesn’t enjoy shooting for the stars with an NFL parlay?

NFL Parlays offer excellent odds, and the more selections you add to your parlay, the greater your potential earnings, but the more difficult it becomes to win. As any NFL club is susceptible to an upset on any given week, 2-, 3-, and 4-team parlays are frequently the best method to gamble.

NFL Teaser Wagers

NFL Teaser wagering is a form of parlay, but a far safer choice than parlaying several teams against the spread. The NFL Teaser wager adds or subtracts points to the point spread in your favor.

For instance, the most popular NFL teaser is a 2-team, 6-point teaser, which means you receive an additional 6 points on each game, so if the lines are -3, you will have both teams at +3.

With so many NFL games being decided by three points or less, this point swing may be monumental. Obviously, the chances of a teaser will be significantly lower than those of a standard 2-team parlay, but it is a lot safer approach to increase your bankroll.

This Week NFL Matchups

Pickswise has all the information you need prior to wagering on any NFL game this week or throughout the season. You can get expert match previews, the best statistics, odds, and trends to consider, as well as individual and team prop bets, same-game parlays, and computer-generated choices.

Check back each week during the NFL regular season and throughout the NFL playoffs for the most recent betting news and analysis.

NFL Preseason Wagers

Even while NFL preseason betting is not as popular as betting on regular season games, where every game counts so much more, there is still a chance to beat the bookies.

There will be a mix of starters, backups, and practice squad players during the now three-week NFL preseason, so wagering on these games requires even more homework. Check back throughout the NFL preseason, beginning with the Hall Of Fame Game, for expert analysis and all the information you need to Bet Better on the NFL Preseason.

How To Bet On NFL Preseason Games

Betting on NFL preseason games is an entirely different difficulty than betting on NFL regular season games for a variety of reasons. There will be players holding out on contracts, those returning from injuries, starters playing only one or two series, if at all, and a large number of rookies receiving their first taste of the NFL. This makes it extremely challenging to predict matches and odds, but also for sportsbooks.

Here are a few suggestions to consider while wagering on the NFL preseason, but be sure to come back each week for in-depth analysis from our professional handicappers.

1 Quarterbacks —

As always, one of the most important factors in NFL wagering, but here you want QB depth. A veteran quarterback with two or three spots on the depth chart typically performs better than one with limited NFL starting experience.

2 Coaches –

Coaches and coaching methods in the NFL differ greatly. Some coaches use the preseason to establish the tone for the year, while others may not care as much. Jim Harbaugh, for instance, is 40-12 in preseason play and has won his previous 20 preseason games dating back to 2016.

3 Game Week News –

Towards the close of game week, you will begin to hear more from coaches and players about who will play, who won’t, and in what capacity. All of this serves to paint a picture and will influence the markets, so be quick to react when NFL news breaks.