The Qatar2022 FIFA World Cup: Dos and Don’ts

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Here’s the most-awaited Odds to BetOn fan’s guide to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where getting the Covid vaccine is not required but having premarital sex could result in you being punished physically.

In fewer than 20 days, the most talked-about FIFA World Cup tournament will begin in Qatar, ending the regular season of professional football as 32 national teams compete for glory with their fans supporting them.

For the patriotic fans who want to travel to Qatar to support their national teams and take in the World Cup experience, however, an unusual World Cup also means an unusual set of laws.

The following list of dos and don’ts for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is intended to inform tourists about the country’s extremely strict laws.

Entering Qatar

The first step in supporting your national team is to actually be there in Qatar, but even that will be done differently this time.

A million people are anticipated in Qatar for the World Cup, and they will all need to have their accommodations and match tickets arranged before they arrive.

The “Hayya” card, which acts as a fan pass and can be registered for after the ticket is purchased and lodging is booked, enables you to do all of this.

The Hayya card functions as a visa, a ticket for a sporting event, and a free pass for transportation and urgent care in the country.

Qatar is a dry country

Since Qatar is an Islamic country, alcohol is a major point of controversy for the visiting football fans. Many are unclear if alcohol will be permitted.

Alcohol is available in Qatar, but it is heavily regulated and mostly available to foreign residents over the age of 21. Foreigners are also not allowed to carry alcohol into Qatar.

For home consumption, residents can only purchase beer, wine, and spirits at two government-run stores with a permit. More than 30 hotels and restaurants will allow beverages, making them accessible to locals and fans.

While alcohol will not be sold inside any of the eight World Cup stadiums, there will be beer stands nearby that will be available until one hour before and after each game.

Dos and Don’ts for fans visiting Qatar

While drugs like alcohol are banned and will not be tolerated in any form, they will be grudgingly allowed under strict surveillance.

The website of the British embassy cautions citizens to expect a “serious” consequence for possessing even little amounts of drugs, which might include jail time, a fine, or deportation.

The US embassy advises tourists to verify the legality of any medications they may bring into Qatar and to make sure they have a prescription.

In conclusion, it is advised to consume wine but to abstain from any narcotics. It is also forbidden to import pork and anything that can be construed as “pornography” under any circumstances.

Muslim women are not compelled to cover their faces, but they must instead dress “modestly” in public by covering their shoulders and knees.

Flogging is a legal consequence for illicit sex outside of marriage, albeit there is no documentation of its most recent application. The US embassy advises expecting mothers to bring their marriage license with them in case they require medical attention.

Regarding Covid-19, shots are not required, but everyone over six years old must have a negative PCR test in the past 48 hours or a fast antigen test in the past 24 hours before boarding a flight to Qatar.

Although non-vaccinated visitors must wear a mask for ten days after arrival. For five days, everyone who tests positive for Covid-19 must be isolated. In hospitals, masks are required, and they are advised in sports venues.

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